All About Your TPMS in Sturgis

May 30, 2016

Sturgis drivers know that underinflated tires wear out more quickly. Underinflation is also a major cause of tire failure for Michigan auto owners. More flats, blow outs, skids and longer stopping distances are all results of underinflated tires.It's hard for many Sturgis drivers to tell when a r... More

A Cool and Smooth Transmission in Sturgis

May 24, 2016

When it comes to preventive maintenance on our vehicles, most of us Sturgis drivers remember to get our oil changed. But services that occur at longer intervals like transmission service sometimes get overlooked. Yet transmission service is part of car care. A poorly maintained transmission wi... More

Below 45 Degrees in Sturgis: Consider Winter Tires

May 15, 2016

Remember snow tires? They were basically just regular tires with big, knobby lugs to get them through deep snow. They were loud and rode hard, and Sturgis drivers couldn't wait to get them off the car. Then along came television advertisements for all-season radials. Michigan drivers ran out and... More

Beware of Cheap Tires in Sturgis

May 9, 2016

Do you like to shop for shoes in Sturgis?When buying a running shoe, is quality important?Does durability matter as long as the shoes look fabulous?Would you rather have one pair of long lasting shoes or two pairs of lower quality shoes at the same price?Is the warranty important when buying tir... More

Wheel Balancing at Tuffy Sturgis

May 2, 2016

So you love your job, and your family life is great. Congratulations! You have achieved balance. But can you say the same for your wheels? Sturgis drivers can tell if their tires are out of balance by vibrations at higher speeds on Michigan roads. If one of the front tires is out, you feel the v... More