Exhaust Service at Tuffy Sturgis: Passing the Smell Test

July 27, 2016

The exhaust system on a vehicle is more complex than most Sturgis residents realize. It contains everything from old-fashioned pipes and clamps to sophisticated computers and sensors. All Michigan folks know a properly functioning exhaust system is good for the environment, but sometimes we forg... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Sturgis: Wiper Blade Options

July 17, 2016

Wiper blades are critically important to Sturgis drivers for good driving visibility and safety. When its time to replace your wiper blades, there are a number of different wiper blade designs and grades. Sturgis drivers should always use at least the design or grade that came with their vehicle.... More

Tuffy Sturgis Maintenance Tips: The Belt Goes On

July 10, 2016

All Sturgis service advisors know that without the alternator, the battery will go dead in a few miles. The serpentine belt may also run the pumps for both the power steering and power brakes. And on many vehicles, the serpentine belt powers the water pump. The water pump circulates coolant thr... More

Budget for Maintenance in Sturgis

July 3, 2016

Sometimes busy Sturgis residents dream about going back to the simpler days of our grandparents. But if you could travel back in time and take a road trip around Michigan in a Model T, you might change your mind. The improved designs and quality of today's automobiles have significantly reduced t... More