Nitrogen Fill For Tires in Sturgis Michigan

September 24, 2013

So, everyone in the Sturgis Michigan area knows how great helium is you know, party balloons, squeaky voices. But a lot of people around Sturgis still haven't heard about the benefits of nitrogen in your tires, and how it can help your tires. Here's some great advice from AutoNetTV,... More

Steer Right In Battle Creek

September 20, 2013

Virtually all vehicles come with power steering so many Sturgis auto owners have never driven a car or truck without it. Power steering assists you when you turn your SUV steering wheel. Without it, it would be very hard to steer. Now this power assist comes in a couple of forms. In recent years,... More

Air Conditioning Service In Sturgis

September 12, 2013

Hey Battle Creek! Let's talk about one of our Michigan summertime must-haves: your car A/C. It's real easy for Sturgis car owners to take their car's air conditioner for granted. Just push the right buttons and out comes cool, dry, clean air. But your air conditioning system needs a... More

Exhaust Service At Tuffy Sturgis In Sturgis

September 12, 2013

Whenever they hear the term "exhaust service," most Battle Creek people think about exhaust pipes and mufflers. Well, actually, exhaust service at Tuffy Sturgis is a lot more comprehensive these days. For example, catalytic converters were mandated in 1976 and on-board emission contr... More